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Yorinde Diepstraten

Brandi van de Mortel

Thomas de Boer

Giel van Zon


Suze Geerdink

Bas Hordijk

Florence Weidema

Storyboard, Animation

"The NPAPH project team together with students of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht have created two short films about the excavations at Tell es-Sultan in the 1950s. Both films are based on records gathered by Jericho off the Record. The photos, slides, 16mm film, diaries, letters and interviews with former participants provide an insight into life at the dig. One of the films describes the experience through the eyes of staff members who mainly came from Western Europe and North America. The other film is form the perspective of local labourers who lived in Jericho or in the nearby refugee camp. All events, views and opinions expressed in the films are based on real events and are informed by records gathered by NPAPH." - Source: npaph

Western Perspectives
Local Perspectives
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