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If you’ve never looked at the flight route on a display in a plane in such wonder, this project might not be for you. You could group this project under the theme slow art: it includes slow movement and non action. When something moves slowly and simultaneously gives a sense of progress, it creates a soothing feeling. It almost gets you into a meditative state if you lay your eyes on a thing for more than a glance. There is an expectation being created, even when things you look at don’t seem that interesting, provide little information or don’t provoke action.


I search for endless moments that consist of constant, repetitive movements, e.g. the drifting of clouds, waving reed. In contrast to these natural phenomena, I seek the extreme expression of slowness in domestic things. I capture movements that display ongoing small happenings. For me, the way to genuinely look at something with full attention is by drawing it. Instead of inducing a sense of impatience or irritation, I try to touch on it in a more positive way. Slow movement could bring a sense of wonder. Take the time to look and a magnetizing effect will occur.

White Noises -

Play all the video's simultaneously and turn on the white noise.

HKU, Univeristy of the Arts, Utrecht - 2019


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